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COVID-19 Information for Team Members

Safety is our top priority and Calaway Park is committed to keeping our Team Members safe. We have a number of safety protocols and procedures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to: mandatory masks and other PPE; physical distancing and physical barriers; enhanced cleaning and disinfecting; and hand sanitizer or hand washing stations available at all park locations. In addition, Team Members are required to stay home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms, and arrange for testing in accordance with Alberta Health guidelines.

What We Expect From You

The following information can also be found in the Calaway Park Team Member Handbook.

Personal Presentation


You will be required to wear a Calaway Park uniform. Your uniform consists of a shirt, pants, hoodie, hat and name tag. One of each of these items will be provided at no cost. Returning Team Members will be provided with one new uniform shirt. Pants, hoodies, and hats issued the previous season are to be worn. If any of these items no longer fit or are overly faded, bring them in and exchange them for new ones at a Uniform Session. Additional guidelines are listed in the Team Member Handbook.

At this time, face masks are a mandatory part of the Calaway Park uniform. You are welcome to wear your own cloth face mask. If you do not have a mask, a disposable mask will be provided.

Grooming & Jewelry

Hair must be a natural colour, neat, clean, and out of the eyes, so eye contact is easily made. We recommend that Team Members with long hair wear it tied back or under their Calaway Park hat. Excessive make-up is not to be worn while on duty. The maximum jewelry allowed is as follows: two rings per hand, three earrings per ear, two bracelets per wrist, one watch and one small necklace. One facial piercing is allowed. Tattoos cannot be visible to our guests. There may be additional grooming standards within individual departments.


All shoes must have closed in toes and heels. No sandals or open-toe or open-heel shoes are permitted. Socks must be worn with shoes.


Sunglasses can be worn by Team Members working outdoors in the direct sunlight. Eyes must be visible through the lens; therefore no mirrored sunglasses can be worn. Sunglasses must be approved by your Supervisor or Manager.

Other Responsibilities


Consumption of food or beverages (except water) while on duty is not permitted. Food can be consumed while on breaks in the Team Lounge and outside break area only.


Calaway Park Team Members cannot play games at the park when off duty or when at the park as a Guest.

Chewing Gum and Tobacco

Chewing gum and tobacco are not permitted while on duty or in uniform, except in the Team Lounge or outside break area.


Smoking of cigarettes or e-cigarettes is not permitted while on duty or in uniform, except in the designated area of the outside break area.

Calaway Park Campground

Calaway Park team members are not permitted to camp at the Calaway Park Campground.

Rules Of Conduct

Calaway Park's rules of conduct are designed to protect the rights and interests of everyone; the Guests, the Team Members, and the company. Participating in any of the following will result in disciplinary action and legal action when appropriate:
  • Possessing, using, or selling non-prescribed drugs, alcohol or marijuana while on duty or on Calaway Park property or on the team member bus, and/or being under the influence of non-prescribed drugs, alcohol or marijuana when reporting for work.
  • Stealing Calaway Park property or other Team Members property while on park premises or on the team member bus. Giving or accepting any merchandise item, food item or plush is considered theft.
  • Willfully damaging or defacing Calaway Park property or Southland Transportation bus property.
  • Violating safety rules or standards.
  • Violating Guest service standards.
  • Violating your job description, including sitting, sleeping or visiting fellow team members while on duty.
  • Intentional insubordination, including the failure or refusal to perform work as instructed by your Lead(s), Supervisor or Manager.
  • Displaying a poor attitude towards fellow Team Members or Calaway Park, including false statements about the park or fellow Team Members.
  • Harassing or bullying a Calaway Park Team Member while at work or outside of work, including online.
  • Absence or tardiness without report.
  • Excessive absence (more than 3 times) with report and legitimate excuse.
  • Personal conduct compromising to the image of the park.
  • Gambling, fighting, using profanity or exhibiting threatening conduct while on the team member bus or on Calaway Park property.
  • Being physically unprepared to work, e.g. lack of sleep, hung-over, etc.
  • Possession of an iPod, cell phone, etc., at your work station.
Disciplinary Action

Violation of any of the rules of conduct will result in disciplinary action. Leads, Supervisors and Managers may choose verbal or written reprimands, suspension or dismissal. Consequences will depend on the seriousness of the violation.

Use of Social Media

We understand that many of our Team Members use social media websites and apps on a regular basis. Now that you are employed by Calaway Park, it is important that you understand our policy regarding use of social media:
  • You may not use the Calaway Park logo or share information about Calaway Park that is considered confidential and proprietary. This includes, but is not limited to sales, attendance numbers, company strategy, training methods and training materials.
  • You are expected to speak respectfully about the company and our current and potential Team Members, customers, sponsors, suppliers and competitors. Derogatory statements or misrepresentation will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
  • Honor the privacy rights of our current Team Members by seeking their permission before writing about happenings in the workplace or posting pictures of them.
Violation of the social media policy will result in disciplinary action.

Taking Responsibility

We expect you to take responsibility for getting your needs met. If you have questions or concerns, it is important that you deal directly with your Lead, Supervisor or Manager regarding these concerns. It is an excellent opportunity for you to develop your interpersonal skills.

Doing Your Best

The Calaway Park image is our attractions, entertainment, services, and most of all, you. Your appearance, enthusiasm and attitude largely determine whether our Guests will continue to visit Calaway Park. If something needs to be done, why wait for someone else to do it? Get involved and get it done yourself! Working together like this makes everyone's job easier.

What You Need to Know


Breaks are 30 minutes long and must be taken in the Team Lounge or outside break area. Breaks cannot be taken on park and are not optional.

Team Lounge

While you are working or on breaks, you cannot purchase food from park locations. The Team Lounge offers food and beverages to all Team Members at a reduced price. A microwave is also available. Please practice respect for your fellow Team Members by cleaning up after yourself.

Park Access

When the park is closed to the public, only Team Members that are on duty are permitted to be on park. Off-duty Team Members must remain in the Team Lounge or outside break area. When the park is open, off-duty Team Members are welcome to enjoy park facilities as long as they are out of uniform (no uniform pants, hoodie or shirt can be visible). Please note that wearing your Calaway Park uniform shirt or hoodie turned inside out is not permitted. When enjoying the park, keep in mind that on duty Team Members must remain focused on their tasks. Visiting with Team Members that are working is not allowed.

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings, including money, cell phones, iPods, etc., cannot be taken to your work site. A water bottle, sunscreen and your Calaway Park hoodie is allowed to be taken to your work location, however backpacks and purses are not allowed.

In addition, Team Members are not permitted to bring more than $20.00 to the Park without reporting it. If you wish to purchase merchandise, wardrobe items, or food in the Team Lounge and will be spending more than $20.00, it is recommended that you use your debit card. If you must bring more than $20.00 to work on a given day, you must notify Security immediately upon arriving to work. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Locker Facilities

Lockers are located in the Team Lounge. Bring your own lock and remove it at the end of your shift. Any locks left on overnight will be removed by Security and Calaway Park will not be responsible for the contents of these lockers. Locks are available to purchase from Wardrobe.

Cell Phones and Park Telephones

Most park locations have a telephone. These phones are to be used to contact your Lead, Security, Warehouse, Cash Control or Guest Services. These phones are only able to call park extensions and cannot be used to visit with friends.

Cell phones cannot be taken to your work station. You must leave your cell phone in your locker while you are working. If you are found to have your cell phone at your work site, it will be confiscated and signed into Cash Control. You may pick it up on your break or after your shift. This will also result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination depending on the department you work in.

Team Member I.D. Card

You were issued an I.D. card when you were hired. You must show your card in order to ride the Team Member bus, get in through the Security gate when you are working, to get in through Guest Services when visiting the park on your day off, or to get your Team Member discounts when purchasing items at Hudstones, Sweet Toothe or on-park food locations.

Biometric Clock

Calaway Park uses biometric clocks that record a Team Member's in/out times and matches them to their scheduled shifts. In order to do this, your fingerprints will be registered into the clock prior to your first shift. It is your responsibility to scan in before your shift and scan out after your shift, using one of the biometric clocks. This is the only way to ensure you are paid accurately. Follow these guidelines:
  • Scan in no more than 14 minutes prior to your scheduled work time. Calaway Park pays by the quarter hour and your time will be rolled forward to the nearest quarter hour. E.g. if you scan in at 8:51 am, you will be paid beginning at 9:00 am.
  • Scan out no later than 14 minutes after your scheduled time. Your time will be rolled back to the nearest quarter hour. E.g. if you scan out at 7:09 pm, you will be paid up until 7:00 pm. When you are required to stay later than your scheduled time, you must have your Lead's approval beforehand.
  • When scanning your fingerprint, make sure your hands are clean. Use one of the two fingers that was registered to the clock and place your finger completely over the sensor. Do not press your finger or the print may be unrecognizable. The clock will signal you with a checkmark when your scan has been recognized.

Overtime will be paid out at time-and-a-half for hours worked in excess of 8 in one day or 44 in one week, whichever is greater. The exception to this is when a Team Member signs an Overtime Agreement. The work week is Monday through Sunday. No overtime can be worked unless it is approved by your Lead or Manager beforehand.

Holiday Pay

The holidays that fall during our operating season are Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and Thanksgiving Day. To be eligible for General Holiday pay, a Team Member must have:
  • worked for at least 30 workdays in the 12 months prior to the holiday
  • worked their scheduled shift before and after the holiday
  • worked on the holiday if scheduled to do so
A Team Member that works on the General Holiday will be paid 1.5 times their wage for the hours worked on the holiday. In addition, if the Team Member meets the above conditions and has also worked 5 out of the last 9 days in which the General Holiday falls on (e.g. if the General Holiday falls on Monday, 5 out of the last 9 Mondays would apply), they will also be paid their average daily wage.


Payday is 5 working days after the 15th and the last day of the month. On payday, your earnings will be deposited directly into your bank account. You must complete the Direct Deposit form you were given when hired. If the bank account information you submit is invalid, you may be charged $15.00 to have a manual cheque done for you. Your pay statement (indicating how much money was deposited into your account) will be available online at payworks.ca. You will receive an email notification when your pay statement is available each pay period. Any questions about your cheque should be discussed with your Lead.

Open Door Policy

Our open-door policy means that we encourage you to discuss any questions, suggestions or concerns with any Leads, Supervisors or Managers. If you must leave your work area to discuss your concerns, arrange for another Team Member to work at your location while you are gone. Your ideas are important to us. Your confidentiality will be maintained.

Information Security and Privacy

We gather personal information from your application form and from the forms you complete during your training sessions. All of the personal information that Calaway Park collects will be used for employment purposes only. In the case of an emergency, your personal information may be provided to designated personnel. If you are registered in the Work Experience Program, your teacher will have access to your personal information. If you have any questions about the security or privacy of your personal information, please contact Human Resources.

A Safe and Secure Workplace

While it may be an unpleasant subject, theft is a very real concern for Calaway Park. Calaway Park will not tolerate theft, whether it be cash, merchandise, food or other items.

The park is equally committed to a workplace free of Team Member substance abuse, be it drugs or alcohol. To help ensure a safe and secure workplace, and for the benefit of the company, Team Members and Guests, Calaway Park reserves the right to carry out reasonable searches of Team Member's personal belongings. Such searches and inspections may be initiated by the company without prior announcement and will be conducted when and where the company deems appropriate. Any contents resulting from such searches shall be inventoried. The RCMP may be contacted if the contents are believed to contain an illegal substance.

Employment with Calaway Park constitutes consent to searches. Refusal to consent to a search shall be considered grounds for disciplinary action.

What You Can Expect From Us

Activities, Discounts and Passes


Calaway Park will organize Team Member activities throughout the summer. We encourage you to participate! It's a great way to meet new friends and have a lot of fun!


Calaway Park Team Members receive a 40% discount on regular priced merchandise at Hudstones and 10% off purchases at Sweet Toothe and all on-park food locations. You must show your I.D. card in order to make your purchase and receive the discount. Keep your receipt until your merchandise is removed from the park, as you may be required to show it at the backgate.

Free Park Admission

If you are off duty and out of uniform, we encourage you to enjoy the park. To visit on your day off, check in at Guest Services with your I.D. card.

Complimentary Day Passes

As a seasonal Team Member, you are eligible to receive up to 15 Complimentary Day Tickets to give to anyone you wish. Five tickets will be available at backgate the first week of each month in June, July and August. If you have terminated employment or given notice prior to these dates, you will not receive the tickets.

These passes are intended for you to give to family and friends. Be aware that selling or attempting to sell the Complimentary Day Passes is prohibited and would result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Recognition and Scholarship Programs

"It Pays To Smile", "Model Service Agent" and "Exceptional Experience Creator" Programs

These programs recognize Team Members who consistently "give their best to the guest" and their job. There are three levels of recognition:
  • It Pays To Smile (IPTS) - For first year Team Members or returning Team Members that have never received IPTS.
  • Model Service Agents (MSA) - For returning Team Members that have already been awarded "It Pays to Smile".
  • Exceptional Experience Creator (EEC) - For returning Team Members that have already been awarded "It Pays to Smile" and "Model Service Agent".

Scholarship Program

Every season, up to 25 Team Members can be awarded scholarships of $500 each. They will be selected by the Calaway Park management team. To be eligible, Team Members must:
  • Start working by July 1 and work through the Thanksgiving weekend, unless attending school out of town. To be considered out-of-town, the school must be located at least 325 km from Calgary. The Team Member may leave no earlier than one week prior to their school start date (proof of start date may be required).
  • Be available to work at least 35 hours per week in July and August, and a minimum of 5 shifts during fall operation.
  • Request no more than seven consecutive days off.
  • Meet all scheduled shifts with a maximum of three lates.
  • Be successful in their department recognition program, fulfilling their job requirements and participating positively within the Corporate Cultures. They must have a clean record with no safety violations or official reprimands.
  • Team Members can be awarded up to two scholarships during their time at Calaway Park.
Scholarship packages can be picked up from Guest Services starting July 1. All applications must be submitted by August 10 of the current season.

Coaching and Evaluation

We want you to excel at your job! You will receive coaching from your Captains, Leads, Supervisors and Managers. To provide feedback on your performance, you will receive numerous OEOs (Operational Excellence Observations) throughout the season.

Work Experience Program

Team members that are in High School can earn high school credits while gaining valuable work experience at Calaway Park. The program is offered at three levels: Work Experience 15, 25 and 35. Students earn 5 credits for every 125 hours they work. Work Experience Teachers are on site on most operating days. Their office is located on the Team Member Patio.

When You Leave Us


If you are resigning from employment at Calaway Park before the end of the season, two weeks written notice is required. Failure to give sufficient notice will affect your rehire status.

Vacation Pay

Vacation pay will be paid out at the rate of 4% of regular earnings during the season. Vacation pay will be paid out on your final cheque.


Now that you are employed at Calaway Park, you have the opportunity to secure employment for our next season. Team Members who have worked hard to meet our expectations, and worked until the end of the season (unless going out of town to school), will receive a notice in January of the next year giving them the first chance at a job for the next season.

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